Approved drug products information including: name, active ingredient(s), dosage, approval date, RLD, TE, and name of the firm holding legal responsibility.
Previfem 0.035MG;0.25MG Previfem 0.035MG;0.25MG
Sprintec 0.035MG;0.25MG Sprintec 0.035MG;0.25MG
Tri-previfem 0.035MG,0.035MG,0.035MG;0.18MG,0.215MG,0.25MG Tri-previfem 0.035MG,0.035MG,0.035MG;0.18MG,0.215MG,0.25MG
Tri-sprintec 0.035MG,0.035MG,0.035MG;0.18MG,0.215MG,0.25MG Tri-sprintec 0.035MG,0.035MG,0.035MG;0.18MG,0.215MG,0.25MG
Cryselle 0.03MG;0.3MG Cryselle 0.03MG;0.3MG
Lo/ovral 0.03MG;0.3MG Lo/ovral 0.03MG;0.3MG
Low-ogestrel-21 0.03MG;0.3MG Low-ogestrel-21 0.03MG;0.3MG
Ogestrel 0.5/50-21 0.05MG;0.5MG Ogestrel 0.5/50-21 0.05MG;0.5MG
Ovral 0.05MG;0.5MG Ovral 0.05MG;0.5MG
Cryselle 0.03MG;0.3MG Cryselle 0.03MG;0.3MG
Lo/ovral-28 0.03MG;0.3MG Lo/ovral-28 0.03MG;0.3MG
Low-ogestrel-28 0.03MG;0.3MG Low-ogestrel-28 0.03MG;0.3MG
Ogestrel 0.5/50-28 0.05MG;0.5MG Ogestrel 0.5/50-28 0.05MG;0.5MG
Ovral-28 0.05MG;0.5MG Ovral-28 0.05MG;0.5MG
Ethiodol 99% Ethiodol 99%
Trecator-sc 250MG Trecator-sc 250MG
Parsidol 100MG Parsidol 100MG
Parsidol 10MG Parsidol 10MG
Parsidol 50MG Parsidol 50MG
Ethosuximide 250MG Ethosuximide 250MG
Zarontin 250MG Zarontin 250MG
Ethosuximide 250MG/5ML Ethosuximide 250MG/5ML
Ethosuximide 250MG/5ML Ethosuximide 250MG/5ML
Ethosuximide 250MG/5ML Ethosuximide 250MG/5ML
Zarontin 250MG/5ML Zarontin 250MG/5ML
Peganone 250MG Peganone 250MG
Peganone 500MG Peganone 500MG
Cardrase 125MG Cardrase 125MG
Cardrase 62.5MG Cardrase 62.5MG
Ethamide 125MG Ethamide 125MG
Maxibolin 2MG/5ML Maxibolin 2MG/5ML
Maxibolin 2MG Maxibolin 2MG
Ovulen 1MG;0.1MG Ovulen 1MG;0.1MG
Ovulen-21 1MG;0.1MG Ovulen-21 1MG;0.1MG
Ovulen-28 1MG;0.1MG Ovulen-28 1MG;0.1MG
Duranest 0.5% Duranest 0.5%
Duranest 1% Duranest 1%
Didronel 50MG/ML Didronel 50MG/ML
Didronel 200MG Didronel 200MG
Didronel 400MG Didronel 400MG