Approved drug products information including: name, active ingredient(s), dosage, approval date, RLD, TE, and name of the firm holding legal responsibility.
Enjuvia 0.45MG Enjuvia 0.45MG
Enjuvia 0.625MG Enjuvia 0.625MG
Enjuvia 1.25MG Enjuvia 1.25MG
Premphase (premarin;cycrin 14/14) 0.625MG,0.625MG;N/A,5MG Premphase (premarin;cycrin 14/14) 0.625MG,0.625MG;N/A,5MG
Premphase 14/14 0.625MG,0.625MG;N/A,5MG Premphase 14/14 0.625MG,0.625MG;N/A,5MG
Prempro 0.3MG;1.5MG Prempro 0.3MG;1.5MG
Prempro 0.45MG;1.5MG Prempro 0.45MG;1.5MG
Prempro 0.625MG;2.5MG Prempro 0.625MG;2.5MG
Prempro 0.625MG;5MG Prempro 0.625MG;5MG
Prempro (premarin;cycrin) 0.625MG,0.625MG;2.5MG,2.5MG Prempro (premarin;cycrin) 0.625MG,0.625MG;2.5MG,2.5MG
Milprem-200 0.45MG;200MG Milprem-200 0.45MG;200MG
Milprem-400 0.45MG;400MG Milprem-400 0.45MG;400MG
Pmb 200 0.45MG;200MG Pmb 200 0.45MG;200MG
Pmb 400 0.45MG;400MG Pmb 400 0.45MG;400MG
Amnestrogen 0.3MG Amnestrogen 0.3MG
Amnestrogen 0.625MG Amnestrogen 0.625MG
Amnestrogen 1.25MG Amnestrogen 1.25MG
Amnestrogen 2.5MG Amnestrogen 2.5MG
Esterified Estrogens 0.625MG Esterified Estrogens 0.625MG
Esterified Estrogens 1.25MG Esterified Estrogens 1.25MG
Esterified Estrogens 2.5MG Esterified Estrogens 2.5MG
Esterified Estrogens 1.25MG Esterified Estrogens 1.25MG
Estratab 0.3MG Estratab 0.3MG
Estratab 0.625MG Estratab 0.625MG
Estratab 1.25MG Estratab 1.25MG
Estratab 2.5MG Estratab 2.5MG
Evex 0.625MG Evex 0.625MG
Evex 1.25MG Evex 1.25MG
Femogen 0.625MG Femogen 0.625MG
Femogen 1.25MG Femogen 1.25MG
Femogen 2.5MG Femogen 2.5MG
Menest 0.3MG Menest 0.3MG
Menest 0.625MG Menest 0.625MG
Menest 1.25MG Menest 1.25MG
Menest 2.5MG Menest 2.5MG
Estrogenic Substance 2MG/ML Estrogenic Substance 2MG/ML
Estrone 2MG/ML Estrone 2MG/ML
Estrone 5MG/ML Estrone 5MG/ML
Natural Estrogenic Substance-estrone 2MG/ML Natural Estrogenic Substance-estrone 2MG/ML
Theelin 1MG/ML Theelin 1MG/ML