Approved drug products information including: name, active ingredient(s), dosage, approval date, RLD, TE, and name of the firm holding legal responsibility.
Cephradine 250MG/5ML Cephradine 250MG/5ML
Velosef '125' 125MG/5ML Velosef '125' 125MG/5ML
Velosef '250' 250MG/5ML Velosef '250' 250MG/5ML
Velosef 1GM/VIAL Velosef 1GM/VIAL
Velosef 250MG/VIAL Velosef 250MG/VIAL
Velosef 2GM/VIAL Velosef 2GM/VIAL
Velosef 4GM/VIAL Velosef 4GM/VIAL
Velosef 500MG/VIAL Velosef 500MG/VIAL
Velosef 1GM Velosef 1GM
Baycol 0.05MG Baycol 0.05MG
Baycol 0.1MG Baycol 0.1MG
Baycol 0.2MG Baycol 0.2MG
Baycol 0.3MG Baycol 0.3MG
Baycol 0.4MG Baycol 0.4MG
Baycol 0.8MG Baycol 0.8MG
Tymtran 0.02MG/ML Tymtran 0.02MG/ML
Zyrtec 5MG/5ML Zyrtec 5MG/5ML
Zyrtec 10MG Zyrtec 10MG
Zyrtec 5MG Zyrtec 5MG
Zyrtec 10MG Zyrtec 10MG
Zyrtec 5MG Zyrtec 5MG
Zyrtec-d 12 Hour 5MG;120MG Zyrtec-d 12 Hour 5MG;120MG
Cetrotide EQ 0.25MG BASE/ML Cetrotide EQ 0.25MG BASE/ML
Cetrotide EQ 3MG BASE/ML Cetrotide EQ 3MG BASE/ML
Exosurf Neonatal 12MG/VIAL;108MG/VIAL;8MG/VIAL Exosurf Neonatal 12MG/VIAL;108MG/VIAL;8MG/VIAL
Evoxac EQ 30MG BASE Evoxac EQ 30MG BASE
Chenix 250MG Chenix 250MG
Ulo 25MG/5ML Ulo 25MG/5ML
Leukeran 2MG Leukeran 2MG
Amphicol 100MG Amphicol 100MG
Amphicol 250MG Amphicol 250MG
Chloramphenicol 250MG Chloramphenicol 250MG
Chloromycetin 100MG Chloromycetin 100MG
Chloromycetin 250MG Chloromycetin 250MG
Chloromycetin 50MG Chloromycetin 50MG
Mychel 250MG Mychel 250MG
Chloromycetin 1% Chloromycetin 1%
Chloromycetin 25MG/VIAL Chloromycetin 25MG/VIAL
Chloromycetin 250MG/ML Chloromycetin 250MG/ML
Chloramphenicol 1% Chloramphenicol 1%